Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photo Safari #2

It is a strange thing to go out into the field every morning and every evening and not feel like you are getting anything worthwhile to photograph! Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love what I am doing but somehow, in my mind, it feels like the 'perfect' photographic moments are just not presenting themselves!

The sightings the last few weeks have been pretty good yet it feels like the truly magical moments have been eluding us. Make no mistake, it is not that I am not enjoying going out but it feels like every time I want to click the shutter the animal turns away, the light is bad, there is grass in the way or something like that.

As I cannot consider any of my current images for the High Five as they have not yet been uploaded, I have have selected a few that I have captured over the last few weeks in another 'photographic safari' kind of post. All of these images, and the other new ones I will capture until 24 September, will only be uploaded to the Photo-Stock Stock Library at the end of the month so if there are any specific ones you would like to purchase please let me know and I will upload those for you!

The Etali female resting after feasting on a wildebeest. She was int he thickets and had to wait for for 'the look' before taking the image.

Almost drove over this happy couple - one of the Batia brothers mating with the Sereti female. Great sighting first thing the morning but the light was quite flat. Got an interesting sequence as he dismounts and will hopefully get these posted soon.

Found this hyena drinking water in a little puddle early one morning. She was also not camera friendly and I had to wait for quite some time to get her face in the shot.

As we came around the corner this Martial Eagle was just wrapping up a hunt. He caught a Tree Squirrel and we waited for a while to see if he would start to feed. No action so we left him with his meal.

Close up of a Zebra. Have been seeing a lot of these guys so playing around with different angles and lenses.

This was a great sighting. The herd first drank at Tlou Dam and then chaos erupted as all the youngsters got involved in a serious bout of mud bathing.

Absolute bliss!

They were making a huge mess! Great to watch as these four almost mimicked each other. Have quite a few images from this sighting. Will post more soon.

Nice sighting of an African Hawk Eagle. Still seriously thinking of getting a large prime lens... cash flow!!! :)

Female Kudu. There was not anything special about this scene but the light was spectacular! Had to play around with a few images of her enjoying her breakfast.

We were very far from the scene and I had to stretch my Sigma 50 to 500 all the way to maximum zoom. Light was going and quite a tough shot but still not too bad. Would have been nicer if the bushes behind the rhino was not there which would have made him stand out more.

One of the Batia males walking away from our waterhole at Tuningi. The black and white feel felt like a good choice for the last image on this post.

I reckon not too bad over all but still feels like it could be better! Is it wrong to be too critical of your own work?? Is it wrong to always try and get a better image? Better exposure? Better composition?

I do like the images I have been getting the last while but it feels like there is something missing. Over the last few weeks I have been quite keen on trying to capture animals in motion but there have been very few opportunities. Soon....

Anyway, time to get going. Almost time to head out again and 'look for the magic'! :)

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.


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