Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grant's Game Drive Highlights

The following are a few game drive highlights of the last couple of months.

Spotties Mating
On one early morning drive in February. we heard funny noises in the bush. We went to investigate and their the honeymoon couple was, deeply in love. :) This was the first time I have seen Hyenas mate. Afterwards he went to a nearby mud hole and cooled down.

Lions and Wildebeest Bump Into Each Other
That was pure accident. We followed the pride of lions in the road, they were playing, never in the mood for hunting. All of a sudden the wildebeest appears around the corner, what a surprise. They immediately went into hunting mode, the wildebeest froze so did the lions. He took off like a bullet and the lions wondered what went wrong with this platter!
As I say to my guests "always expect the unexpected when you are in the African bush!"

Rhino Killed by Elephant
On the 31st of January we discovered a rhino that was killed by an elephant south of Tlou Dam. The tusk went through the one kidney. The fight looked like it probably took place around the water and while trying to escaped the elephant pinned the rhino down. The lions found it before we did and according to the maggots it was about a week old. It is clear that when Africa's largest mammals collide you better not be in the way.

We had the most awesome lion sightings for at least a week.

Hope you enjoy the stories and sightings. Keep a look out for some more!! Remember that you can view or purchase these and other images by visiting the Photo-Africa Download Centre!

Written by Grant Marcus

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Love the hyena shot Grant!! Great 'action' image!! hehehe