Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Old Fashioned Cluelessness


Adele and I got back to Madikwe yesterday after spending some serious time in the car. Just trying to get out of Johannesburg is quite a mission with all the ‘load-shedding’ – the term coined by Eskom to describe their inadequacy at supplying power even though they new this situation might arise as much as 12 years ago!! Anyway, this egg cannot be unscrambled now, so we are all just supposed to ‘deal with it’!

On route to Madikwe we passed through all the normal small towns, but the final one before you get to the Madikwe Game Reserve is truly one that time forgot... and I do not mean this in the romantic sense. I am all for small towns that retain the quaint feel of yesteryear, but damn!! Not going to carry on with this chain of thought as it will only lead to a place of old fashioned cluelessness, no social skills and old men wearing very tiny, tight denim shorts!!

Moving swiftly along... I will be updating various parts of Photo-Africa this week so keep an eye on this Blog for all the latest images and information!

As always I look forward to hearing from you!


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Anonymous said...

Haha!! Surely has to be Zeerust!! :)