Monday, June 23, 2008

Product Review - The Vertex 200 Lowepro Camera Backpack

First I would like to thank Lowepro and Singer Photographic for the sponsorship. As a wildlife photographer you always need a good bag or case to protect your gear against the elements. Singer photographic supplied me with a bag that does that and more.

With all equipment there are pros and cons.


  • The bag is big enough for any camera body with a big lens up to a 70-200 and additional lenses and bodies.
  • The bag has got enough space inside for all your accessories. Outdoor storage panels provide easy and quick access for my digital accessories like filters.
  • Very important are the zips, they are wide and strong YKK zippers with a canvas strip covering the zip to keep the dust and moisture out, I like!! Normally it is the first thing that packs up of a camera backpack. This one looks and feels stronger than any of my other bags.
  • Most of the bags you get are not padded enough for heavy equipment, but the 300 is very sturdy on the out and the inside and your camera is very well supported on the bottom, top and sides. That’s the first thing I look for when buying a bag because I am outdoor and in a 4x4 vehicle most of the day, that goes apart with a lot of bumping around.
  • All the straps on the bag are very comfortable for when walking long distances with your equipment and they are very supportive to the lower back. Another bonus is that the harness is very lightweight and comfortable.
  • The material used for the 200 is excellent and especially for outdoor use -well that is what I think and I am sure most wild life photographers will agree!!
  • The reason you would get a bag like this is to protect your equipment against the elements. Especially in the summer, I do work when it is raining. This bag has its own all weather cover, well tugged away at the bottom of the bag, neatly zipped away. Very important….. it is easy accessible!
  • There are three areas on the bag where you can fasten your tripod with an adjustable glide lock.


  • I really don’t have anything negative to say about the bag. The only thing for me is the time it takes to get my camera out of the bag is an issue. I lose that vital first few seconds of the shot. This is where I think a hard case is better, especially for me on the vehicle but as far as bags go, right up there!

I really cannot fault the Vertex 200 and I am honestly very happy. It is the best bag I have ever owned. This bag gets a 9/10 from me especially for protection and padding. Thanks again to Lowepro and Singer Photographic.

Grant Marcus

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