Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Finally unpacked and settled – damn!! Good feeling!

Not much news from our side just yet, but I felt I just had to upload this post on it’s own and not combine it with the Weekly High Five! Too special!

Let me start by saying that I did not capture the images in this post - not mine. Even though I wish I could have witnessed this event and got a few of my own. The following images were all taken by Hal Brindley (Thanks for allowing me to post it on this Blog!) and you can find a link to his own site towards the end of this Blog. Thanks to Riaan Kruger, also a contributing photographer on Photo-Africa, for sending me these images!

So here goes – as I received the images and text.

* * *
Picture exclusive: The incredible moment a leopard attacks a crocodile

These are the incredible pictures which show the first ever leopard attack on a crocodile.
Hal Brindley snapped the amazing moment a leopard snatched a crocodile at a South African game reserve on the only occasion this behaviour has ever been documented worldwide.

Clash of the Titans: The leopard attacks a crocodile in Kruger National Park

The American wildlife photographer was taking pictures of hippos from his car at a waterhole in Kruger National Park when a speeding shape came out of the bushes and headed for the water.

After an initial struggle, onlookers stared in disbelief as the leopard emerged dragging a thrashing crocodile up the bank.

With its' snout pointing upwards, the crocodile snapped and attempted to fight back as the predators flipped and tumbled in a dramatic battle. But the leopard, who had it caught by the throat, remained in control as the crocodile's legs clawed frantically at the cat's belly, its jaws snapping at air.

Predator vs. Predator: The wily cat slams full force into the crocodile

Tussle: The leopard begins dragging the crocodile away from the water

Despite being outweighed, the leopard was able to sit on top of the crocodile and suffocate it. The big cat eventually dragged its' prey into the grass and out of sight as park visitors are forbidden from leaving their cars.

There have been recorded cases of crocodiles killing leopards but never the otherway around as the meat a crocodile provides is not sufficient enough to justify the risk.

Defeat: The croc hangs lifeless and limp from the leopard's jaws

Brindley said: 'I asked many rangers in South Africa if they had ever heard of anything like this and they all said no.

'It just doesn't make sense. The meat you get out of a crocodile is just not worth the risk it takes a predator to acquire.

'The whole scene happened in the course of about 5 minutes. Then the leopard was gone. He added: 'I drove away, elated in disbelief. It may have been the most amazing thing I've ever seen.'

Victory: The leopard gains control and gets on top of it, suffocating it.

Dinner's ready: The big cat drags its prey off into the bush

* * *

So there you go. Truly an unbelievable sequence and a once in a lifetime sighting. Well done to Hal for capturing the event. To visit his website and see more of his images and wildlife films you can visit

As field guides I think we always have a very small part deep inside us hoping that this morning we will also find something unique that goes against everything that we know, read or get told.

Something that challenges your knowledge, breaks all rules and makes you appreciate even more, if that is possible, the life we get to live and the things we get to see! This is the kind of scene that wildlife photographers in Africa will wait a lifetime to see and capture - I know I am! Amazing stuff!!

Make no mistake, even being a firsthand witness to a sighting of elephant at a waterhole is beauty in itself, but something like this... beauty supersized!!

Off to grab some dinner and then time to relax! Check back later this week for new images in this weeks High Five!

As always I look forward to hearing from you!



SAPhotographs said...

This is the most astounding, unbelievable, stunning sereis of photographs and animal behaviour that I have ever seen!! No wonder I am totally fascinated with wildlife, there is always something new to amaze me!! Thanks for sharing these pcs and story Gerry. I hope you are going to be very happy where you are now, I know I would be. I miss my life in the bush!!

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Bloody hell Gerry this is amazing, I would never have thought a Leopard would go for a croc, great sequence of shots.

Michael Palmer said...

I had to bring the whole family over to the computer to see this one!!! captivating - Glad to here your settling in okay.

Steven Alexander said...

I got a high from seeing these images. Imagine the photographer, who saw the event and photographed it. Fantastic stuff!dagyqobq