Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wild Earth - A Different Kind of Wildlife Photography

I have not been out in the field for a week or so now but, thanks to Wild Earth, yesterday (and please don't take this too seriously) I was able to capture the following wildlife images.

Not images I would print and frame but the results of a Wildlife Photography computer game called "Safari Photo Africa - Wild Earth".

Now I do not spend much time playing computer games or any of those kind of those things but this caught my attention. After getting a copy I gave it a try and it was actually quite a lot of fun. The basic idea is that you go on assignment in the Serengeti and your 'guide' tells you which direction to go and what images you are looking for. This ranges from the big guys like lions all the way down to a hyrax on the rocks and elephant tracks next to a river.

Once you have captured all the necessary images you go b
ack to camp where you can sort your images and then the articles gets published which you can then view in your web browser. The articles, and guide's comments, are very accurate and includes a lot of information on all the species that you find in the game. The articles that get published after each assignment is done in 'magazine format' with various images that you had to capture used to highlight the various parts of the written text.

I don't think I'll spend days playing this game but it surely beats the hell out of solitaire should you ever have to kill a few hours. Very informative, great fun and something I would advise anybody who is keen on African Wildlife to check out.

Another 'Wild Earth' you should check out if you are into African Wildlife is WildEarth TV.

This WildEarth site streams live video footage from the Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa. Every morning and evening you can join the live game drives where a guide will take you on a drive into Djuma to search for all the wonders that is hidden in the African bush. In between the drives you can watch the live feed from the waterholes on Djuma to see which animals come along for a drink.

If you are a keen African wildlife, or wildlife in general, fan I would recommend having a look at the Wild Earth computer game and also stopping in for a drive with WildEarth TV once in a while. You can link straight to WildEarth TV by using the links on the side of this Blog.

Another way to get your daily dose of African wildlife is to visit this Blog on a regular basis. Some of the images that have been uploaded to the Photo-Africa Stock Library is truly amazing which means this week's High Five promises to be a great one!!

As always I look forward to hearing from you!



Michael Palmer said...

My son is going to love the game - He loves the animals of africa - this is a must buy for him THANKS

Enigma3 said...

Now there is something new and different. I'll check it out. One of these days I'll have to visit south africa and have you show me around. I'm really facinated with all this wildlife.

Michael Palmer said...

I just may come with my buddy Wolf - but the game demo was very cool, after Michael jr got out of camp yesterday I set him up on the laptop with it. He found it fascinating. I need to find the full copy, hopefully they will have it a the local Target.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

This was a fun post. I love WildEarth. Met a lot of people through the original AfriCam, too, which eventually made me visit SA. Lots of great memories and I still stay in touch with many of the people.