Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amazing or Brutal - The Video

If you have been following the Blog you will recall the post - "Brutal or Amazing. You Decide..."

This post showed images of a sighting we had during which a female lion killed a pregnant Red Hartebeest and the events which followed as she discovered the unborn baby inside the female.

The guests who were with me when we witnessed this amazing scene emailed me the link to the video they took during that afternoon which shows the entire episode as we saw it. Thanks guys!!

Read the original post and then you can view the ten minute video below.

It was an amazing sighting and something that till today still leaves many unanswered questions.

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

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Michael Palmer said...

When you wake up, look in the mirror, is it hard not to say "Its good to be me" and give yourself a high five! = ) AMAZING!!! is my take -- you are becoming popular in Michael Jr's 2nd grade class - he is telling his friends that his dad knows a photographer in Africa that take pictures of the animals -

Owlman said...

Wow Gerry, amazing video - thanks for sharing it! I love seeing all your images and video from my mother land ;-)

Would you be able to send me the code/instructions to add the Cumulus label plugin for blogger? I've tried inserting it into my template, without much success. I followed the conversion instructions from Cumulus seems to be working well on your site and I'm hoping you can help.



Enigma3 said...

National Geo - move over.

This is amazing. Not easy to watch but very eye opening to the wild animal psyche.

T and S said...

Shocking and sad...but that the nature's law. Thanks a lot for sharing this rare footage...Thomas