Sunday, October 5, 2008

Photo Safari #4

It is amazing to see how your own work evolves.

If I look back at some of the images I captured a few years ago and compare them with my more recent work there is quite a vast difference. This also shows in the amount of images that you take and compare this to ones you can actually use and be proud of.

I guess everybody can get 'lucky' and it is not a difficult thing to see that if you shoot 100 images of an animal you will get at least one decent image. It has to do with consistency. For me the difference is that I feel more and more confident that when I click the shutter the result will be 'acceptable'. Gary Player said 'The more I train the luckier I get.' Absolutely true.

The more time you spend photographing wildlife, or whatever it is that you photograph, the easier composition will become. The easier you will see light and what will work best with a particular scene.

I know that my 'stikre rate' has increased yet this has not lead to me being less critical of my own work. Are you also so hard on your own work? Perhaps too critical?

I am going to try and get new images onto the stock site and Blog on a regular basis now that I have my own Internet, almost as a form of self-evaluation. I look forward to your thoughts and comments on the images so to start with here are few pics from the last two days.

Captured this one this morning. The little Red-Billed Oxpecker on the Rhino's back rounded it off quite nicely. The grass at the bottom of the frame gives it quite a nice natural feel.

One of the old Batia males. Thought I hit this one on the head but when I viewed the image on the PC I saw the sun 'flare' spot at the very top of the image. Is this being too critical?? .. :)

I was trying to capture the crows gathering nesting material and as I clicked the shutter the Yellow Billed Hornbill flew into frame. Interesting result.

I knew that when I took this image of the Tshola-Mateya male that the background was too bright and that I wanted to do something 'arty' with it. Took a while but I quite like this result. Another canvas print waiting to happen.

Will be back soon with more African wildlife images. To view more of my (and the other photographer's work) you can click on my name at the bottom of this post.

As always I look forward to getting your feedback and comments.

Until nest time.



Tuga7 said...

fantastic shots, great captures.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Nice to see some birds in this set of shots, I would like to see more, there must be some stunning looking birds over there.