Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who's the Boss?

The game viewing at Tuningi has been phenomenal the last few weeks.

I have so many images that I need to go through that I am not quite sure where to start. We have also started to leave on drive a little earlier which means getting up at 04h30 each day. This makes for a helluva long day and you kinda want to try and get a little shut eye in between everything else. Will hopefully get through all these images in the next few days.

Wanted to just add these quickly. We sat at Tlou Dam watching a pride of five lions, mother and youngsters, at the water when a mother rhino and her calf came in for a drink as well. The light was virtually gone but I was able to squeeze a few images out at an ISO of 3200! Here are some images of the action that followed.

The presence of Africa's apex predator did not bother the female rhino in the slightest. The youngster however decided to take things into his own hands and took them on all on his own.

The young lions tried to move in on the youngster from various directions but they were vary aware that even at such a young age the little rhino had a lot of fight in him.

The little guys was up for the challenge and chased the lions all over the place while his mother did not even lift her head where she was drinking just to the right of image.

After a few charges back and forth the young rhino and lions stood staring at each other for a while. Notice how the lion's mother is still laying down and not really bothering about the activity in front of her.

Great sighting and awesome to see how the young rhino and young lions tested each other while their older, wiser mothers just got on with their daily activities. You got the feeling that they were thinking "Been there. Done that."

I will post more images on the Blog and Photo-Africa Stock Library as I get the chance to work through them!

Michael, I agree. Your tiger image is pretty impressive! Great capture!!

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.



Michael Palmer said...

The second shot I think tells the story of the encounter to its fullest - the stomping and the movement of the cats - WOW

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Must have been great to witness all this action Gerry, great shots too concidering the high ISO you had to use. Mike.

Enigma3 said...

Wow Gery,

Even at 3200 ASA you create such cool images. I'm addicted to your site. I would give anything to be shooting photos with you on location. Maybe one Day.

Paz said...

LOL! Yes, the moms were probably thinking, "Been there, done that." ;-) More wonderful photos.


Owlman said...

AMAG sequence!