Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Tshola-Mateya Coalition

In some of the previous posts you might have read about the Tshola Mateya Coalition.

These two male lions have pretty much taken over the south western areas of Madikwe. They are just under five years old and absolutely massive! During the last few days we have been able to track them down on a number of occasions.

We are still getting to know these two lions and will hopefully get many more opportunities to photograph them as time goes on. Here are a few of the images from the previous two days.

We found Mateya sleeping in the early morning sun yesterday morning. Look so peaceful.

It is difficult to judge the size of these guys without anything to compare it to but they are absolutely massive!

When he raised his head to look at something he must have stood at least 1.5 meters tall.

Mateya is the blonde brother and, as you can see, an absolutely beautiful cat.

This is Tshola, the darker brother. This shot was quite tricky as the early morning light was highlighting only certain parts of him. Still like the result though.

Will be back soon with more images from the last few days. Elephant, black rhino, leopards and wild dogs are but a few of the amazing sightings we have had during the last week!

Until next time.


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Anonymous said...

They look so handsome and majestic.