Saturday, May 3, 2008

Leopard at Royal Madikwe

Good Day, everybody….

I have been somewhat delayed on my article for the blog about the leopard sighting that we had the fortunate luck of experiencing at Royal Madikwe, so as they say…Better late than never.

Our safari had just begun, when the news broke of a leopard in a tree on an impala kill.

Immediately my ears turned to attention with excitement as we don’t see leopards all that often in the Madikwe (possibly due to the old farming regime), this was when we responded to the sighting.

Within ten minutes we were in to the sighting, and were treated to this beautiful cat in her most well known of antics…up the tree !!

There were lots of AHS, and oohs, and the cameras started going bezerk as she came down the tree to pose for a few shots.

Apparently, prior to us arriving on the scene, the Dwarsberg Pack (one of the two Wild Dog packs in Madikwe) chased her up the tree, so there was this situation of two high profile species in the same location interacting with each other, which is really something that is unheard of. It goes to show, that you can never tell what will happen next around the next Marula Tree.

Anyway, I have included some of the shots I managed to get out of that sighting….ENJOY !!!

Written by Gavin Tonkinson

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