Friday, May 9, 2008

Old Black & White Images

I was busy going through my 2007 Galleries when I found some of these old B&W images. Always interesting to look over some of your older work!

On one of my very first drives in Madikwe, we found this old Black Rhino. Normally you don't get to see them for too long but this one was very relaxed. He had no issues which allowed us to get a lot of great images of this rare animal! Never would have thought so but this is still one of my best selling images. :)

The Mika female from the Madikwe Game Reserve. Captured this image just as her pride was finishing a Wildebeest on the airstrip. I quite like the dark and light contrasts in this image.

One of the Morwetla males. This lion and his brother was moved from Madikwe early in 2007. Great looking lions. On this occasion he was very lazy in the afternoon sun but managed to at least give me one eye (half) open!

This herd of buffalo was about 100 strong. We were sitting in the office at Royal Madikwe when I got up to go and make coffee. As soon as I noticed them we all went outside at which point they decided to run for it! Still managed to get a few images before they disappeared completely!

Ditaba. One of the dominant makes in the Madikwe Game Reserve. He was not into posing for photos on this day, but even from the back you can see his is an impressive animal!

Anyway, I will add more of my older images as I come across them! Look forward to hearing your thoughts

Until next time!


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