Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photo-Africa Update

During the last few days I have been able to capture many great images. The game viewing started off pretty slowly but as always, things change. Great sightings and great moments!

This is the young Etali male. We found them on the dam wall at Tlou Dam. The sky was quite dark and very dramatic so we circled the small pride a few times to get as many different angles as possible. Going to be a very good looking lion when he grows up!

These two Tree Squirrels were sunning themselves early in the morning. They were stretching in every conceivable direction and I was able to capture this one stretching and sticking his tongue out at the same time... just like my dog at home! Very cute creatures!

Always great to see the Wild Dogs. They were pretty static this time around, but the light was good which gave us plenty of opportunities to get some great images and we truly took advantage of the opportunity. A LOT of great images!

The Photo-Africa Stock site has been growing pretty fast over the last few weeks with new photographers joining and many new images being added on a daily basis! You can view the newest images by clicking on the Newest Photos tab on the front page.

As I am currently in a part of Madikwe where the cellphone reception is not the best, I will be adding a lot of my own images when I get back to Johannesburg next weekend but I will continue to update the Blog on a regular basis!

I have also been doing a lot of additions and changes to the Photo-Africa site which will be uploaded then. Once these changes are in place you will be able to jump to and view each individual photographers work on the Stock Site. All from one page. I am also working on various Payment Gateways so that images can be purchased in different currencies as well as subscriptions which will allow you to download many of your favourite photographer's images within a given time period. Again, watch this space!

A special thanks to Grant Marcus who has been adding many new pictures as well as contributing to the Blog! Make sure to stop by the Stock Site and have a look at his work!

As always I look forward to hearing from you!



SAPhotographs said...

This definitely makes me feel like taking a trip up to Pilansberg soon. LOL!! Wonderful pictures Gerry!!

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Hi Gerry, Stunning photos, I will return the favour and add you in my links as I definitely want to scroll through your entries here.