Thursday, May 22, 2008


"By whose command
were the animals
through groping fingers,
one for each hand,
reduced to the big and little five?

Have we forgotten
that wilderness
is not a place,
but a season and that we are in
it's final hour?"

Even though we might not always think of it in so many words, we all know it. The above words from a poem by Ian McCallum captures what I think is one of the things that draws us to Africa. There are moments when you are watching nature's story unfold where you forget everything. No matter where you are from or what life has taught you, for those few moments when you are watching a lion sleeping peacefully in the afternoon sun everything is forgotten. Nothing else matters!

And it is not just the lions or any of the Big 5 for that matter. Watching even the smallest Dung Beetle on his endless quest makes everybody stop and watch. We do not judge. We do not offer advise. We do not think of a way in which we could do it better. We just watch and for that moment we are at peace. With ourselves. With each other. With nature.

Is it because we know that the words from the poem are correct? Does it take the hidden knowledge that the single moment you are sharing with nature might not occur again and that future generations might not be able to share that same moment? Having the privilege to share in nature's continuing story transcends differences. We have a shared vision. A common interest. At least for a short moment in time.

Is it possible for us to actually take these shared moments and learn from them? Can nature teach us something and at the same time make us aware of the fragile world that we have the privilege of sharing? Using the old cliche - Guess only time will tell!

For those of you who were wondering - Yes. We did find lions the next day and that is what got me thinking about this whole thing. For a few moments everybody was still and just watched. Completely absorbed. Absolute magic!

I am heading back to Madikwe today and for the next two weeks Adele and I will be based at Nkurru. Hopefully some more great moments and after having fought through all the settings, I will now be able to add Blogs on a more regular basis!

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As always I look forward to hearing from you!


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Sandpiper said...

Hi Gerry,

Outstanding pictures and post. I'm catching up a bit tonight and I enjoyed seeing your previous posts, too. I love coming here and taking an armchair journey to Africa. I look forward to visiting there in person again someday.

I'm slowing down a little on posts to my blog temporarily, due to some things here that are taking up my time, but I will still be around and posting some things, and I'll keep visiting your blog, too. I hope to get things back to normal in a couple of weeks.