Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not a Lion in Sight...


We have been driving for almost two full days now and there has not even been the smallest sign of a lion. Not a track - nothing! Actually, we have not seen ANY predators in two days.

The Wild Dogs were at Tlou Dam yesterday, but when we were still about 10 minutes out they go mobile and the 'vehicle circus' moved east away from the Dam.

Decided, with the guests, that we are not going to wait around for a maybe and kept moving. Had the most amazing sunset with a pair of very in love giraffe and then made out way back to the lodge. This morning we had awesome sightings of elephant, rhino and buffalo but still nothing that eats meat.

So in about 45 minutes we will be heading south to, hopefully, find something with lots of teeth and large claws!

As always I look forward to hearing from you and check back tomorrow to get the update on our predator hunt this aftrenoon!


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