Friday, September 5, 2008

In the Lion's Eye

Just a quick one.

This is another image of the day when Gavin and I sat with the Sereti males. I was playing around with Fast Stone Image Viewer, which is a free program but definitely worth a look, when I saw something in some of the images I did not notice before.

Here is another of the Sereti's 'angry' faces.

And then when you zoom in on the eye...

If you look closely at the reflection in the eye you can see the outline of our Game Drive vehicle and the tree we were parked under!! Small things... :)

Until next time.



SAPhotographs said...

Beautiful shots as usual Gerry. What never fails to amaze me is that you write as if you are reading my mind, like the previous piece. Excellent!!

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Like it, Im certain at some point in one of my birds eyes you will see me hanging out of my window with my big lens.