Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photo Safari #3

As I am writing this the fires are still raging!

No, not a continuation from yesterday's post but the wild fires in Madikwe. The scenes yesterday was unbelievable as a fire run wild through the north-western parts of Madikwe. During our entire drive we were all more fixated / worried / fascinated / concerned with the smoke, flames and a feeling of complete helplesness that we almost forgot about the three of the Big 5 animals we found during the drive.

Here are a few images of the weeks drives along with a few that I took yesterday - The Day that Madikwe Burned.

Sunrise at Tlou Dam. Always magic and we have been lucky to get quite a few chances to get there early and wait for the shots.

The view from Nik's view, one of our regular drink stops, yesterday afternoon as the Inselbergs burned.

A view from Tlou Dam towards the burning bushveld. Made for very moody, almost disturbing images. We do not ave details on how much of Madikwe has burnt but I will keep you posted as we find out more.

Back to the wildlife...

One of the Tsola-Mateya males. Awesome specimen and shows how every lion has a different look thanks to ths scars on the face. These guys are in the process of taking over from the South. Lots of stories to come.

I reckon I should do a book on 'funny lion faces' - must have a 100 of them! Whenever you are aiming to get that perfect lion yawn you inevitably end up with a few of these. Never the same but always entartaining!

The Dipelo female restring in the late afternoon heat. I quite like the focus on her paw.

A close up of a young elep[hant 'playing' with his tusk. This was right next to the vehicle and I had to zoom out quite a bit to get this shot.

Winter time is always dry in Africa and creates images like this as all the animals congregate at the watering holes. The lions seen above were just out of view to the left.

Nothing cuter than a baby ellie! This little guys wanted to come and investigate but did not dare leave his mother's side. Great scene!

This is 'Bob', the Tree Agama that lives in the tree outside our house at Tuningi. Since Gizmo is not around anymore Adele, Grant, Monique and I have decided he is our new 'pet'. Interesting to watch but not as much fun! :)

nother magical African sunset.

Game viewing has been slightly quiet but as you can see we still get the 'moments'. Once the fires all die down it will be interesting to see how the animals change their behaviour and feeding grounds according to water availibility and the burnt areas. Will keep you posted.

Make sure to check back soon for this week's High Five.

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.



Michael Palmer said...

The watering hole shot is my favorite. Looking forward to the high 5.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Beautiful pictures, as always, Gerry. I read about Gizmo on Bev's FB, so stopped by to say hello and tell you how sorry I am. Your tribute here was really beautiful.

Thanks for visiting my blog while I was taking a break. I'm still not running at 100%, but getting better.