Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Uploads Continue!

Have you ever heard a song for the first time yet it almost sounded familiar? I heard a track off the new Daniel Powter album yesterday and it felt like it was something I heard a very long time ago. A song that should have some kind of memory attached to it but feels brand new at the same time.

I think that some images can make you feel like that as well. While I have been doing all the uploads of the various photographer's images to the Photo-Africa Stock Library I saw a couple of images that made me feel like that.

You look at the image and it feels strangely familiar yet brand new at the same time. I reckon it might be a good thing when an image makes you feel like that as you feel connected to it somehow yet you are excited about it as it is brand new. Make sense? Anyway, moving on.

I have been uploading images the whole weekend and it seems like the end is finally in sight. I completed all of Riaan and Gavin's images and by the end of tomorrow I will hopefully have all of my work loaded onto the stock site as well. I knew there were a lot of them but damn!!

I am still planning to do a Weekly High Five in the next couple of days but in the meantime here are a few quick images that I uploaded today. I took all of these during the last two weeks before returning to Johannesburg. The idea was to do a Photo Safari post with these images but with the number of photos available I will still be able to do another one later this week as well.

So to keep things rolling, here are a few of my latest images.

This is one sad looking lion. This young male and his sister was hunting at Tlou Dam and this face pretty much tells the resulting story. They just missed the wildebeest. Frustration - no meal on this specific occasion.

Close up of a Praying Mantis. I would still love to do more macro work and with summer approaching there will be a lot of insects around to have a closer look at.

This image was taken at the waterhole at the lodge. I new I liked it when I clicked the shutter. I still like it but cannot exactly put my finger on why. Any ideas?

This young Spotted Hyena crossed the road in front of our vehicle. As I looked through the viewfinder I saw that the white and it looked like it was in a studio with a white background. I like it.

Plain and simple. Taken at midday, this silhouette of an African Hoopoo worked out quite well.

This was also at midday and the light was not the best. Actually it was pretty bad but I still like the result. The trunk makes an interesting line from top to bottom.

I was hoping for a full-on silhouette but the faded orange color worked quite well in the end.

And this is what happens when you get sidetracked in Photoshop! Not something I do a lot of, but every now and then the creative juices flow and images like this 'happen'! :)

Time to upload the next batch of images! I have about 4 more posts I need to get up onto the Blog before Adele and I head back to Tuningi on Wednesday so have to get cracking!

When you have a moment visit the Photo-Africa Stock Library to browse through the more than 300 new African Wildlife and Nature images that has been uploaded during the last two days! Some amazing 'moments'!

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.



Mike - Fenphotography said...

Cracking images Gerry, I just love the perspective given in the Preying Mantis shot, you wouldn't want to be the enemy of that. The final shot looks pretty cool, as a real reflective water feel to it.

Enigma3 said...


I like the special effect on the lion shot. How did you do that? All photos from your posting are amazing. To answer your question on the HDR - I sometimes use photomatix pro or Redynamix or Dynamic HDR software but the images of the Farmers Market were shot with the D90. That camera could be great for you to have in your arsenal to capture some HD video while you are shooting.

Michael Palmer said...

Nailed it - that lion edit is really tight!!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Awesome photos. I don't know why you might like that elephant shot but I like it because it looks like a close community working together to do something. And that last shot is creatively magnificent! Love it!