Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where is it all going?

Have you ever wondered why? Nothing specific, just why?

Where is it all leading?

I am sure that everybody reaches a point in their life where they question what they are doing. Why am I doing this? Will I still be doing this in 5 years time? If not, what will I be doing?
Perhaps this is normal but I find my head going in that direction more and more. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love what I do and the people with whom I get to share a fantastic lifestyle is amazing but I still find myself asking. Why?

Are we all so conditioned by society to always look ahead at plan for 'one day' or is it that come of us are just always thinking about what else we can do? Is it wrong to want more from life? Experience more? Give more? Live more?

I could get quite deep on this one but will wait for a week or so until I get home and reassess quite a few things and plan for the remainder of the year and after that.

Photo-Africa is another of the things that I question every now and then as well. You see,originally I started it purely as my own little showcase for my images which, I am glad to say, has gotten better since those early days. One thing led to another and now the three websites plays host to more than twenty wildlife photographers and gets in excess of 14 000 hits every month. Pretty good for something that only got up and running towards the end of February this year.

Why? Where is it going?

There those questions pop up again. I have absolutely relished the entire ride up until now and am also looking forward to where things are going. I would like nothing more to throw myself into the site 100% and only do this but as with many photographers this is not always possible. Luckily I am in the position to spend a lot of time on Photo-Africa. It has at times turned out to be quite a nice distraction from all the other 'issues' that this year as presented.

One of the exciting things that I am planning is a Birding Photo Competition with pretty nice prizes that will run later this year. More details on this as I finalize prizes and other details soon. I have also started working on my second book - "Wildlife. Photography. And everything in between."

This book will feature a lot of my work from the last four years and also act as a 'wildlife photography manual' of sorts which will include a lot of practical tips and advise. I have completed about 60% of the work and am expecting to have it ready to go by mid-October. As they say watch this space! (I also thought of publishing the Blog as a seperate book. Anybody tried this yet?)

Anyway, time to go. This chain of thought is not finished yet - just put on pause for now! A lot of these kind of questions don't get answered for quite some time and in a way is a good thing. I guess it is up to each of us to find those answer for yourself.

Make sure you check back later this week for the Weekly High Five!

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.


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Michael Palmer said...

Is it really the journey - or the destination? Once you arrive to a goal - the feeling of accomplishment is fleeting. I have the same thoughts - So put me down for a autographed copy = ) - what site do you use? I am thinking of putting a portfolio sample book together on