Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photo-Africa Photographer: Kevin Linforth

"I am just a somple person with a simple life. I live and work in the Madikwe Game Reserve. I cam to Madikwe in 2003 and have grown to love this magnificent place. I originated from Zimbabwe and moved to SA when I was still young. Now I spend most of my time in the bush and it is slcear to me that I belong there. I have recently changed odges and am now based in the far east of Madikwe and have noce successfully worked in all 4 corners of this amazing par." Kevin Linforth

- When did you start taking photos?
Two years ago

- Film or Digital?

- What equipment are you currently using?
Canon EOS 10D with 70-300mm IS Lens and a Canon 22-55mm wide angle.

- Thoughts on Photoshop and post processing of images?
I prefer to keep my images natural and original.

- Favourite subject to photograph?
Sunsets, landscapes and any wildlife.

- Place in the world you still want to photograph?
The Luanga Valley

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