Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time, Pride and Wide Open Spaces

In nature, as in life, you find scenes and moments that defines a certain feeling. A certain time. A certain place. Here are a few of the images I got in the last two days that I feel 'defines' but a few of the scenes and emotions you might find in the African bush.

This newly born Impala defines this time of year.

This image defines a certain feeling or emotion. Pride? Confidence? Longing?

This image defines the open spaces of Africa. This image was one of my first attempts at stitching three images together to create a panoramic view of the southern parts of Madikwe. The clouds bring a certain element of emotion. Conflict perhaps?

The rain clouds are slowly building up over Madikwe again. It is amazing how this changes the mood out in the bush. Not always for the bad though. There is a sense of expectation. A promise of renewal and the hope that the decent rains finally arrive.

Will be back with the Weekly High Five on Friday so make sure to check back again soon!

As always I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time.


Gavin Tonkinson said...

Well composed landscape shot Gerry.... love it !!!!
Rain falling makes it

Paz said...

Awesome photos as usual. They really do invoke different thoughts and emotions.


Ken Mac said...

stunning impala, stunning.