Monday, December 15, 2008

Playing With Photoshop CS4

Hello again everybody,
I have had a little time on my hands in the last week or so, and have been playing with photoshop with some of my images, and have come out with some really funky looking shots.
Now remember that you cannot just put a filter on any old image and hope that it would have to work. You must first select an image which you think can work with a particular filter, as not all images are suited for any filter.
This is obviously no means of creating the best selling image in the industry, but nevertheless will keep you occupied for for hours on end.
Anyway so here goes......

This was the result after the fractillus filter was applied, nice thing about this, is that the line sizes can bne changed to completely warp the image, or make it more realistic like this.


I created a second layer and dropped the oppacity of this image after I added serious grain to it, which gave this image a classy feel to it.


This was created in on eof the brush strokes filters and gave this interesting mix...


Ater putting this image through the "Glowing Edges" filter this came out, which I quite like, and think it could print well on canvas perhaps.
I cant remember which filter I used in this image, but it came out pretty good for possibly printing on metallic paper as some form of contemporary art.

So what are you waiting for............ GO PLAY !!!
The options are endless.


Photo-Africa said...

Love the filters Gav!

Favorites are the Leopard in a Tree and the Wild Dog RUnning is also quite trippy!!

CS4 and NIk filters rock!! :)

Michael Palmer said...


Anonymous said...

How fun to be able to play around. Cool-looking photos.