Thursday, December 4, 2008

Top Ten Wildlife Photography Tips

While doing some Google searches I found quite a few websites that offer hints and tips to becoming a better wildlife photographer.   I know that if you ask a hundred people the same question you will get a hundred different answers but I like these particular ones.  Simple and straight to the point.

Here are the top ten tips I found on Picture Correct (all round great site with some nice reading)  that I quite liked and some links to posts I have done in the past that kind of pics up on these points.  
  1. Miss the eyes and you have missed the shot  (Click here for my version)
  2. Use a telephoto lens  (Click here for my version)
  3. Use a wide aperture
  4. Adjust your shutter speed to stop/show the action
  5. Use a flash to fill in shadows
  6. Plan for the best light   (See next post!)
  7. Composition - Framing your shot  (Click here for my version) (And here for another one)
  8. Shoot with two eyes
  9. Anticipate behavior  (Click here for my version)
  10. Use a tripod
  11. Extra - Shoot, shoot, shoot!
Pretty to the point tips.  To read the full version of all these tips on Picture Correct click here.

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.


Michael Palmer said...

You have been Busy - have to come back to catch up - but I like the edits you did of the rusty car and the interviews.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I was looking at that lens this morning Gerry. Man, what I wouldb't give for it!! But the price!! :)

internet marketing services said...

and stay away from a hungry lion. :P kiddin. thanks for the tip. learned a lot. im a budding photographer and these tips are really helpful.

thanks again for sharing them.