Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Photo-Africa Photographer: Matt Jones

"I live and work in the Marico bushveld, a place which grows on you, to the point where your heart feels rest and peace only in this wonderful place.  I enjoy taking photos of moments of time in this great place and sharing it with people the way I see the bush.  I hope you will fall in love with nature and our back yard as we have."  Matt Jones

 - When did you start taking photos?
From about 12 -13 years old, my old man gave me a camera, as the saying goes a "mik en drik". But it was a start.

 - Film or Digital?
Film captures colour wonderfully and it is still something special, I still carry my old slide film camera with me for those shots digital can't do Justice. 85% of the picture in my house are from slide photos. Digital has given the average guy a chance at photography. With film you had to wait for the shop to finish with your pics, to see if you had it right on the day; digital is well...digital. Digital has opened a world of self teaching, and with a little playing around with your camera; you can get some great shots. Film you had to wait for your shot, prefect timing- patience; digital some guys use motor drive and some where in the pics you will get a few good ones. I think it is good to have one foot in old school and one in the new.

 - What equipment are you currently using?
Canon 20 D, EOS 300 - Slide, Canon 75 - 300mm, Canon 25 - 80mm

 - Thoughts on Photoshop and post processing of images?
Just like the discussion on Film or Digital, I think this is the same. My feelings - I try to capture the image right fist time, that is knowing your equipment. It is special to sit back and look at a photo, and nothing was done to it. Do I use Photoshop? Yes, I think it is a great tool; I use it on pics I want to play with - more for my own interest to see how it turns out.

 - Favourite subject to photograph?
Moments in time, those little moments that come by and make an impact on your life. A sunset which touches your soul, a thunder storm which installs awe, a kudu drinking water - giving peace as you watch. I want to look back at the photos and remember those moments that came by; long after I forgot.

 - Place in the world you still want to photograph?
I traveled for a few years and the experiences I had was out of this world. I would like to travel again, were ever you go - take photos. You see the world differently with your camera, not constantly through the view finder but with an eye of perception. Moments in time.

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