Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Changing of the Guard

It is amazing how things change.

The Batia male lions have been the two 'godfathers' of Madikwe for almost 14 years now. They were the first two lions to be introduced into Madikwe and is probably also the most photographed lions in the reserve. Absolute legends.

Approaching 17 years of age they are now visibly old and, unfortunately, very close to their end. One of the brothers is close to our lodge on a wildebeest kill which he has now been guarding for almost 4 days. We have stopped in to view him on a couple of occasions and in a way it is sad to see how this once mighty beast is fading with age.

Even though his body is old and his movements labored you can still see the experience, power and spirit in his eyes as this image, taken yesterday, shows.

It is anybodies guess as to how long these two titans will still be around. Possibly until 2009? Perhaps even a little longer? How will their story end? Who will take over from them? No one knows but until the changing of the guard we will continue to follow their story with a passionate interest as we capture the last few chapters of the Batia's Story!

If you have been to Madikwe and have any images of the Batia Brothers you can email them to me as I am putting together a 'picture story' of their life and will post all these images along with their story on the Blog when the time comes.

On a slightly different and more philosophical note.

Have you ever had to make a choice in your life - and then end up making a choice only to have almost the exact same scenario present itself all over again.

What if you made your (difficult) choice and subsequently things did not work out like you thought it would only for life to mix things up even further and present you with a completely different road to travel. Life is never without irony and without expecting it this new road leads you right back to the original choice.

Do you make the same choice and see if this time the road leads to where you think it could or do you take the option that has now been presented to you for a second time. Do you even make a choice?

Kinda helps to write these things down. Makes you think a little clearer about how everything fits together and maybe even assists in making the choice! :) Anyway, enough of my philosophical rhetoric for now. More on this when, and if the time comes.

As always I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time.



Michael Palmer said...

such character in his face

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Poor thing!! It is always so sad to see some of these beautiful animals come to the end of their lifespan. I remember seeing and elephant in Etosha which could not eat anymore and you feel like you want to get out and do something about the situation.

Your question about choices is very apt for me right now. I need to make a choice, but which one is going to be the correct one? Sometimes your heart say one thing and you head another. Which one do you listen to? One time you choose to follow you heart and it ends up being wrong, the next time you follow your head and that is the wrong coice too. So there is no winning. We just have to decide and live with whatever we decide to do, but it is tough deciding. :(

AmandaLii said...

There are no wrong choices. There are bad choices and good choices. The bad choices are the most valuable for they lead to enlightenment and knowledge. If you make only good choices throughout your life you stagnate and never learn anything new. I strive to make bad choices now and then!