Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Found - Dr. Doolittle's PushmePullyou in Africa!

The game viewing has definitely picked up after the sun came out a few days ago. So much so that this morning I found this...

It's a 'Rhino-PushmePullyou'!! :)

Nah, seriously. We sat watching these two White Rhino for quite some time. They were being very accommodating as they posed for us all to snap away. As the youngster walked behind it's mother I saw this through my viewfinder and could not help but have a quiet little chuckle. It's not quite the two-headed Lama from the original movie but I reckon it's pretty close!

Other than the game viewing the birds are all also back after their winter break. I have been taking a lot of bird images the last few days and will try and get them onto the blog tomorrow.

Before I go one more images that made me smile.

This Zebra was REALLY enjoying his roll-around in the dust. You can almost see the pleasure on his face.

Thanks a lot to all the recent comments! We are a little hectic until Thursday but I will get back to you during next week when Adele and I are on a short break in Johannesburg.

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.



Michael Palmer said...

very cool shot - It takes a sec for the brain the figure it out

Ken Mac said...

gorgeous gorgeous shots. Can you just walk up to these critters?

AB said...

You have some great photos on your blog! I would like to know how I could contribute? I have traveled Africa extensively and have my fair share of photos I wouldn't mind sharing with your blog. You can see two of my photos at http://afriquoi.blogspot.com (from Mauritania and Uganda); if you like these let me know and I would love to contribute more!

Keep up the good work.

kalos_eidos said...

Wonderful blog, and awesome photos! I love the White Rhinos, definitely had to look twice! I haven't watched Dr. Doolittle in years, I may have to go back and watch it now.