Thursday, November 13, 2008

Namibian Landscapes

I will definitely be going back to Namibia! Perhaps I should arrange a Photo-Africa photographic safari during next year sometime. Hmmm... interesting thought...

Anyway, I have slowly been working through the images from our trip a few weeks ago. So many amazing abstract, scenes and wildlife images which I will still get to but for now I have been focusing on the landscapes.

The landscapes in Namibia makes you feel quite small. The size of the place is overwhelming and calming at the same time. I have been playing around with different orientations and a few quite strong crops but I feel this shows the beauty, size and emotion of the landscapes much better. This is all pretty difficult to capture in a single image but here are a few of my initial landscapes from the Namib-Rand Game Reserve.

The contrast of colours and the wide open spaces which are scattered with a few lonely trees are truly spectacular.

The vastness of the landscapes can be seen here as a lone ostrich walks across the open plain.

The long road that leads from Windhoek to the entrance of the Namib-Rand Nature Reserve. This images was taken from the Reserve gate towards the direction you would be approaching if you were to drive to the Wolwedans.

This is the road you drive as as you enter the Namib-Rand Reserve. The rolling dunes and mountains are absolutely spectacular and the only sign of civilization is the red winding road that cuts through the landscape.

The Oryx is the epitome of all dessert mammals and the ambassador for Namibian nature and wildlife. These animals are not always the easiest to photograph but with a bit of luck and perseverance, as with most wildlife images, your patience will be rewarded. We found this lone female early one morning as we were heading out for more views of this amazing place.

During the next few weeks I will add more images from Namibia. The place touches your soul and makes you miss it even before you leave.

Yes. I will go back.

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.


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Michael Palmer said...

I am so going to meet you in person someday, I am fascinated by it all!!! I really like the comp on the last shot - when do we get some Pano action? push