Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Mixed Bag of Images

This week has been a pretty quiet week in Madikwe and I was only out for a few days. Some nice sightings but nothing spectacular photography wise.

Here are two of the images I got in the last few days.

These two males were in the process of fighting (necking) when we found them. Sat watching them for quite some time as the rain clouds moved in. I have a few nice 'action' images of these two which I still need to work through.

We found this little guy and his mom just as the clouds opened for the late afternoon sun to come through. This was a great sighting as the herd was very calm and slowly walked next to our vehicle and into the sunset.

I have a few other wildlife images I have to still check that might work and will get these up onto the Blog and Stock Site as soon as I can. Did get some more pretty nice images though.

Yesterday Grant and I drove to Supingstad, the closest rural community to Madikwe, to collect some of the Tuningi staff. We are taking all the staff to Sun City today for our annual Xmas party. Should make for quite a few 'interesting' images as well!

As we were waiting for the staff outside one of the local schools we were saw a bunch of young boys playing around. These kids love photos and were very happy for us to shoot away! Here are a few of the images I was able to capture.

The impromptu game of football was quite competitive and these little guys showed quite a bit of skill.

One of the older spectators watching the kids. Remembering when he could also run around like that?

The energy and enthusiasm in these little guys were quite amazing. Perhaps it is because the one on the left is carrying his lunch around with him during all the games.

Here Grant is showing the kids some of his images. The excited laughter when they saw their images was amazing to see! I am sure Grant will be posting some of his images as well.

As with the last time I went to Supingstad to photograph the people and their community this was a great afternoon. The people are friendly and I think that the young kids and older folk have so much character which makes them fascinating subjects to photograph. Absolutely love it and will definitely go back again!

I am in the process of expanding Photo-Africa to include more diverse genres of photography and related services such as hospitality and portraits which, I feel, will compliment the wildlife and nature images by showcasing the complete 'African' picture - if you know what I mean! I am loving the challenge of shooting different scenes and subjects but the goal is to still keep all the images 'African'. I would love to get your input on these different images as they get uploaded!

Almost time to go and get ready for the Xmas party! Will hopefully have some images to upload later this week but will be back with the Weekly High Five and more great African wildlife images on Friday! The quality of wildlife images that have been uploadd has been spectacular!

I have played around with slightly larger images in the Blog. Any thoughts on this one?

As always I look forward to hearing from you and leave you with one more image from yesterday.

Until next time!



Michael Palmer said...

I like the portraits your doing - that last one is very cool the way you framed

Jude said...

Really enjoyed these images Gerry !

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I do not know which I like more - the elephant (that sunlight is so perfect) or the giraffe (beautiful against that lovely bleu sky. They are both amazing shots as usual Gerry. I know what you mean by trying a different type of photography. When I first went from wildlife to macro, it felt very strange, then I went on to take pictures of buildings and such for my blog and it was another big change. I have not had the courage to take pics of people though and am not sure if I ever will, but I especially like the picture of the old man.

John said...

Nice website Gerry and good photos. I would like to send you a few pictures of our visit to Madikwe, please let me know how to get them over to you.

John VV

Photo-Africa said...

Thanks for all the comment! Greatly appreciated!

John - would love to see your images! You can email me at gerry@photo-africa.com if you have any more details!!

Look forward to hearing from you!