Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something about Madikwe's neighbours in Supingstadt

As you all read Gerry and myself went to Suping to collect the staff after their day off. We decided to take some images of some kids playing around outside the school. And O BOY , did they love the attention.

The people in Suping live a very simple life and they can get by with the minimum. When we asked the boys where’s the soccer ball ? The one boy made a plan with some newspaper.I then realized that if you really want to achieve something you can , you must just have the will power to do it. Then some teenage boys came along with a proper ball. The boys took fully advantage of the situation and they really showed some skill. They can even play dirty and then fake the injury like the pro’s. Unlike the pros they do everything bare foot and on bare soil with rocks and paper thorns , they are really children of the earth , and I mean it in the best way possible !!!

Harry our trainee chef was there aswell and he is a very good example of being hip and fashionable in the bush, as you can see he loves his jewelery……….

Madikwe provides work for a lot of the people of Suping , but there is the unemployment factor aswell. One of the past time activities when there is a day of is drinking beer and smoking , something that forms a big part of their culture and social life. Don not get me wrong , I have nothing against it , we social aswell………..ask Gerry !

We tried to photograph the kids without any posing but as soon as they saw the camera it was all action and acting , I mean you can not blame them. As Gerry was busy with the kids , a lady approached him to take a few pics of her aswell. For them it is just amazing to see themselves 2 sec. after we have taken the shot , the wonders of Digital !!

Even the older generation wants to see themselves on the 2,5 inch screen. You can really see all the character on his face , and he had a few deep thoughts through his life!!! Sometimes your house or garage is not big enough for everything , you have to make a plan !

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed a little something of Madikwe’s neighbours.

Till next time

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