Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Week So Far

Just a quick post before we head out on what seems will be our first evening drive without clouds in almost two weeks!!

In no particular order, a few images of the week so far.

It's all in the eyes. Found this 'blonde' young leopard a few days ago. She is extremely chill but just did not want to come out from behind this bush.

When we drove back past the same spot again she made it a little easier. She was checking out some impala from her elevated position.

These two young male impala was having a 'friendly negotiation' about nothing in particular. They were not very serious about their fight but made for a few interesting images.

Another 'funny face' image to add to the collection for the upcoming book! :)

I was quite excited to get two Steenbok together. First time I was ever able to capture a pair of them. After a few images they decided to bolt together and I was able to get this shot. Quite like it!

To end of with something different. I got this image at Sun City's 'Valley of the Waves'. We took all the Tuningi staff their for the annual Xmas party. This Palace of the Lost City can be seen in the background. Even though the whole place is over the top 'African' it is still a great day out and worth a quick stop for anybody visiting Africa.

Anyway, time to go and see what else Madikwe has to offer on this afternoon's drive! Will be back soon.

As always I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.



Michael Palmer said...

not a bad start to the week!!

Eve said...

Hi Gerry,
I love the "funny face" and the shot of the...hang on while I go back and see what the heck they are...Steenbok is stunning!!! Forgive my northern NY USA ignorance on African animals, but I hope to get an education here. Let me point out that when I don't comment on other photos, like the ones of the leopard, it doesnt mean that I'm not floored by Photo-Africa Photography, it's all just perfect! Have a great day!